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Love Letters

  • The blog posts you wrote are some of my most clicked-on pins on Pinterest and drive traffic to my site. These posts are often some of my highest referral sources of traffic! She really has an ability to understand your ideal client and write directly to them.
    Regina Brooks, Regine Danielle Events
  • Marlene is great to work with--easy, uncomplicated, professional. She takes what she does and your business very seriously.
    Jevgenija Glazunova, POMPIDOO
  • Marlene knocked this one out of the park! WOW. I have been struggling with consistency with my blog. After discussing my brand and getting to know me better, she worked her magic. I received a 3-month editorial calendar that was amazing and spot on for my business. If you are struggling with consistency, topics to write about, or even getting started with your blog, I would highly recommend hiring Marlene/Glitz & Grammar.
    LeAnn Conway, Conway Image Consulting
  • The blog outline and strategic plan is very comprehensive, structured and organised - saving me hours in "think" time. This program has great value for both the beginner blogger and  blogging experts. I can now get on with the pleasure and fun of creating content without the ‘where do I start’ mental block!
    Janine Simon, Mane Salon
  • Marlene was helpful, approachable and gave me the direction I needed. My blog is my baby and I put a great deal of work into it, so I was nervous about asking for an honest opinion. It was easy working with Marlene and I had nothing to be nervous about.
    Kate Thakkar, The Luxicon
  • Marlene was great at putting my thoughts and point of view into words while making it fun to read. I wanted to sound like me and she did just that with some added glam.
    Marina Miranda, Party Jemz