5 Tools for Brainstorming Awesome Blog Post Ideas

brainstorm blog post ideas

Brainstorming should be fun, after all it’s about letting the mind wander and stumble upon The Next Best Thing! But if you need to brainstorm on demand, it can get a little frustrating. That’s why it’s so essential to have an editorial calendar in place, so you’re never staring at a blank page wondering what to write about next! This month, I’ve gone over how to create an editorial calendar and what you should include in it. But sometimes, you just need a little inspiration and that’s what this post is all about; some fantastic free tools and places to find that stroke of brilliance. Here are 5 tools for brainstorming awesome blog post ideas.

5 Tools for Brainstorming Awesome Blog Post Ideas

1. Social Media

Need some blogging inspiration? Go straight to the source–social media! Pinterest is one of my favorite places to just dive in and start exploring. It’s the quickest way to get inspired by the latest trends and see what everyone is loving. Use the “Popular” tool to see what’s trending or search by topic. When you key something into the search bar at the top, you’ll get related keywords that populate which often lead to even more post ideas.

2. Stumble the Web

Stumbleupon is still a great source for discovering random things. Think of it as your tour guide to discovering wonderful, random content. Just plug in your areas of interests, start exploring and have fun stumbling away! Fair warning: this can be a bit of a time suck so set a timer if you don’t want to get distracted.

3. Mindmapping

best brainstorming tools mindnode

{Mindnode via App Store}

I love mind mapping. It’s an essential tool for anyone who is brainstorming and will lead you from one great idea to the next. If you’re on a Mac try Mindnode, which is a great Mindmapping App (there’s both a Lite and $20 version of the App on the App Store as well as an iPhone and iPad version, too!) Need something web-based? Try Bubbl.us.There’s also this awesome list of mind mapping tools to try for both PC and Mac users.

Not feeling digital? You can easily recreate the mindmapping technique with good ‘ol pen and paper.

4. Find Some Solitude

Some of my best ideas come to me in the shower, walking the dog or while driving. If you’re feeling stuck, find some peace and quiet and just let your mind wander. And yes, sometimes this may mean Lola gets a lot of walks or I’m taking multiple showers in one day! Overworking your brain often has the opposite effect so you just feel stumped for ideas. Just relax, find some quiet time and let the ideas come to you. It’s the perfect excuse to book that much-needed massage.

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5. Meet Up With Others

It may sound counterproductive to get distracted by others when you’ve got a task at hand, but several minds think better than one! A quick collaborative meeting with friends over coffee can do wonders for your brainstorming sessions. If you’re not a part of one already, join a collaborative Facebook group where you can get feedback from other like-minded entrepreneurs. I’m a member of both The Members Club and Savvy Business Owners and the ladies in the groups are absolutely inspiring and great sounding boards for ideas.

What are some of the tools you use to brainstorm blog post ideas?


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  1. These are very useful tips! Thank you for sharing. When I try to craft some new post ideas I just think about my life because I feel that everybody has something to offer. 🙂

    Lucie http://www.inbluebox.com

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