7 Easy Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas

7 easy lifestyle blog post ideas

Wouldn’t it be great if a little conveyor belt constantly churned out amazing lifestyle blog post ideas for your business? Writer’s block happens to all of us, but cooking up easy blog post ideas for your lifestyle business doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, here are 7 lifestyle blog post ideas that you can apply about as quick as that Nars lipstick.

7 Easy Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas

1. Go Behind-the-Scenes

These days, people really want to know what’s happening. From sharing photos of a convention you’re at to bragging about the latest shipment of product that came in, people crave knowing more about the ins and outs of how brands really work, so show them!

2. Give Bloggers Love

Remember, social media should never be “me, me me!” So how do you spread the love? Bloggers! The jewelry brand, Kendra Scott, does a great job of this with their “Bloggers we Love” series. What’s more, bloggers you feature will likely link to you on their own blog and social media channels, sending loads of new traffic and creating valuable backlinks to your website.

3. Trend Roundups

Readers love to know about the latest trends, so tell them! Showcase all your pretty products that are the same shade as the color of the year, rose quartz. Or make a beautiful collage showcasing a mix of fashion, home and beauty trends, including some of your own products. You don’t need to be a graphic designer either, free tools like Canva make it easy to DIY product collages.

4. Profile an Employee

Let your fans get to know you by doing a little Q&A with someone at your company! It’s a great way to showcase the real-life humans behind your brand. If you’re a solopreneur, use this opportunity to shine the spotlight on some of your virtual team members or to interview other business owners in the community your clients would be interested in learning more about.

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5. Share a Tutorial or DIY

Think outside the box for this one and share something that fits within your lifestyle brand. Do you have a favorite summer cocktail or a cute printable readers will like? Share it! These types of posts also have great potential for going viral. Just make sure you’re not going off-topic and that it’s still relevant to both your readers and your brand.

6. Make a Top Tips Post

If you own an online fashion boutique, you could create a blog post on your top tips for packing for that summer vacation (including some must-have pieces, of course!). If you’re a makeup artist, you could share your top tips to keeping your makeup brushes in tip-top shape. These posts are a wonderful opp to show off your expertise and dazzle your readers.

7. Answer Reader Questions

Do your readers have questions that have come up recently on your FB page, Insta or other social channels? Do a roundup answering some FAQs. If you need more content to round out a post, reach out via your newsletter and social networks inviting readers to ask you questions and let them know you’ll be answering them in an upcoming post.

No matter what slant you use for writing your blog post, they’ll all have the same end goal: To educate & inspire your reader. As long as you keep that in mind, while showing off your fabulous expertise, you’re golden!

What are some of your favorite lifestyle blog post ideas? Sound off in the comments below!


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