What to Do When Fear Won’t Let You Write

when fear won't let you write

Staring at that blinking little cursor thinking about how evil it is? Yeah, I’ve been there! Seriously, we’ve all been there. And it isn’t just called writer’s block, it’s a full-blown fear. Here’s what to do when fear won’t let you write.

Stop Trying

Seriously, sometimes we’re just not in the right mindset and need to take a step back and a freaking break already! If it’s not working, I stop trying for a little while. Take the dog on a walk go for a run or (my personal favorite) try a shower. I know it may sound weird but there’s something about letting the water wash over you to make you feel like you’ve completely reset your day.

Write an Email

Feeling like you are writing to an audience of the world can be downright daunting. I get it. But when you’re writing to just one person like, say a friend? Well, that’s a different story. Open up your email and start writing your copy there and pretend you are sending it to just one person. Make sure this one person is your target audience, of course, but just focus on speaking directly to her. There is no audience of thousands waiting to judge you, just her, waiting on the other end ready to hear how you can help better her life.

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Try a Visualization

Not to go all “woo-woo” on you, but you know how everyone keeps talking about meditation and visualization techniques? Well, they’re totally right and on to something. If I’m just not in the writing groove, a short meditation session or listening to one of my favorite podcasts is one way to get me feeling more confident and fired up. I use the Calm app for meditation and some of my favorite podcasts at the moment are the Jess Lively Show and Magic Lessons by Elizabeth Gilbert. I’m also a member of the Female Entrepreneurs Association and members have access to loads of great visualizations.

Aim for Progress Not Perfection

I’m embarrassed to admit how long it took me to actually launch this blog. Fill in every single excuse known to man here and I promise, I’ve got it covered. Why? Yup, the fear. And the obsession with perfection. But goal setter extraordinaire, Lara Casey, constantly says this one truth: focus on progress, not perfection. Sometimes, you just have to let it loose out into the world because nearly perfect is damn near perfect, and probably is to everyone else!

What do you do to crush your writing fear? Let me know how the writing is going for you in the comments below!


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