One of the Biggest Blogging Mistakes People Make (And How Not to Make It)

blogging mistakes people make

One of the biggest blogging mistakes people make is so simple, it’s often overlooked. The pressure to start blogging and just getting something, anything up there builds, and so you start. But with no real strategy in place. Let me tell you this: great blogs don’t happen by accident, they’re planned. And behind each one is a well-thought out strategy.

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I know, the word “strategy” sounds daunting but think of it this way: blogging without a plan in place is like driving without a map. You’re just spinning your wheels and wasting gas, not actually aiming for a destination.

Blogging is just a nicer word for content marketing, but they have the same end goal: to reach a new audience and engage with your current one. Whether your blog is informative, educational, funny or inspirational, you’re helping solve someone’s problem in some way. And that someone is the one person you need to keep in mind while blogging.

Your Target Audience

Before your draft your next blog post, ask yourself these three questions:

  • Who are you blogging for?
  • How will this help them?
  • Does this post relate to my products/services?

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All too often, I see small business owners tackle completely unrelated topics on their blogs because they think it’s what everyone else is doing. Lately, it’s the educational posts I’m seeing a lot of. But unless you are going to start selling courses on how to be a better photographer, your blog doesn’t have to include photography tips. When coming up with your blog topics, keep your target audience in mind and what they would be searching for.

What Not to Do

Let’s go back to that photography example: If you are a family photographer and your end goal is to book more clients, your target audience is searching for things like “What to Wear to a Family Photoshoot” not “How to Take Better Indoor Portraits”.

Likewise, if you are a wedding planner, your brides are searching topics like “Wedding Planning Tips” not “How to Start and Run a Wedding Planning Business”.

When brainstorming blog topic ideas and categories, put yourself in the reader’s seat and ask yourself what your target audience would be searching for online.

If you need more help than that with your blogging strategy, my new Brilliant Blog Plan solves this exact problem; you’ll walk away with three months of editorial content planned out for you, headlines written by a professional copywriter, keyword suggestions and more. Consider it your personalized roadmap to blogging with purpose. You can learn more about The Brilliant Blog Plan here.


What common blogging mistakes have you seen? Sound off in the comments below!


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