Holiday Content Strategy: Your Secrets for Success

free holiday content planner + 25 free blog post ideas! Click to download your free guide which includes social media tips too!

Ready or not, the holidays are just around the corner! And that means it’s time to start planning your holiday content strategy now. There are many reasons why (like being super organized) but the big one is this:

Google searches peak several weeks before the actual holidays.

That means that your customers are already shopping for Black Friday deals and their Thanksgiving decor and outfits. So it’s time to start planning and creating all of your holiday content now!

Holiday Content Strategy

Not sure where to start? I’ve teamed up with Kaitlyn Pierce from Pierce Social to create The Ultimate Holiday Content Planner for you. This guide is packed with goodies to help you end the season with a bang.

Your keys to success include:

  • Holiday keyword ideas
  • Holiday hashtag ideas
  • More than 25 blog topic ideas
  • Best practices
  • And much, much more.

free holiday content planner, your ultimate guide to slay the holiday season with a great blogging strategy and social media strategy! Click the link to download your free guide.

The best part? It’s totally free. Get it here, or just click the cover photo above.

A quick primer for success for your holiday content strategy

If you’ve never plotted out blog and social content like this before, here are a few tips:

  • Read this post on how to create an editorial calendar and what to include in your editorial calendar 
  • Pour yourself a glass of wine and block out a good amount of time to brainstorm. No distractions!
  • Pull out your marketing calendar and plan your promotions to complement it. Don’t have a marketing calendar? That’s ok too. The holidays give more than enough of an occasion to promote!
  • Make sure you know how to write the perfect blog post 
  • Don’t over plan. If you normally do one post per week, don’t suddenly aim for 5.

Fun facts about holiday shopping statistics! Create a successful holiday content strategy with this free content planning guide. Click to see the post and download your free guide.

I really want you to succeed with this, which is why I’ll also be emailing notes during your planning week with additional tips on how to best use the planner.

The Holiday Content Planner isn’t a blog planner, it’s a complete guide for creating a holiday content strategy for success. (If you’re looking for some cute free blog planners check out this post.)

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Have questions along the way? You can pop them in the comments below or find me on Facebook and Instagram. Oh and if you don’t really wanna bother with the whole blog strategy thing, I can create one for you.

Can’t wait to see all of the great holiday content you create!

Get the planner here.


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  1. Great resources Marlene!

    I love putting pen to paper so I use The Content Planner, which is a physical planner designed specifically planning your blog and social media content!

    It includes all the important holidays as well as marketing and retail dates. It’s so easy to use for planning my social media content ahead of time. Check it out:

    1. Thanks, Kat! I’ve heard great things about The Content Planner, will have to check it out one day!

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