5 Lessons You Can Learn From Successful Fashion Bloggers

lessons from successful fashion bloggers

Even if the business you run is a fashion biz, you may not consider yourself a fashion blogger. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t some great lessons you can learn from successful fashion bloggers. In fact, some of the top fashion bloggers repeatedly use these 5 strategies. You can adapt these to your lifestyle business blog and watch it grow!

5 Lessons You Can Learn From Successful Fashion Bloggers

Take Great Photos

Lifestyle businesses are very visual, so beautiful photos are essential. We are all visual creatures and readers love to devour great content alongside beautiful pictures.

If you aren’t a photographer, just know it takes practice. And the right equipment helps, too. I occasionally take my own stock photos and take most of the photos on my personal blog with my Canon Rebel. What’s most important is to get a good lens. (Generally, the one that comes with the camera isn’t the best.)

I currently shoot with a 50mm lens which lets in lots of natural light and has a low F-stop (that’s what creates that nice natural blur and let’s you focus in on the subject.).

Not willing to shoot your own photos or hire a photographer? Do the stock photo thing.

My favorite feminine stock photo resources are:

If there’s only one lesson you take away and implement from this blog post let it be this one: it’s worth it to invest in photos. Whether you decide you’ll invest time to DIY this or hire a professional, you need great photos. End of story.

Diversify Your Income Stream

If you’re a makeup artist, your blog’s primary goal will be to get people to book appointments with you. But that doesn’t mean you can’t diversify your income stream and use your blog to bring in extra side cash. Yes, I’m talking about affiliate income and e-products and using them in a natural way.

If you’re doing a makeup tutorial, and don’t sell the products in store, why not do your readers a service and link directly to the product via Amazon?

If you’re a wedding planner, your primary goal may be to book more brides. But can you help brides along the way before they’ve booked with you? Brainstorm some e-book ideas of what may work for your audience.

Now, a word about banner ads: As a business blog, you don’t want to litter your sidebar with a bunch of Google ads. While this may be O.K. for bloggers, it doesn’t look great on a business blog. If you do decide to include a few banners ads, try to keep it at 1-3 ads max and make sure they’re relevant to your business.

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Engage With Your Audience

One immediate thing you can learn from successful fashion bloggers is how in tune and engaged they are with their audience; they’re doing Instagram stories, responding to comments on their blogs and (most importantly) adapting their content based on what their audience is asking for–this is key!

If your audience is talking to you, asking questions and making requests–listen! Then, create exactly what they asked for. This is the best way to give your audience exactly what they want, which will keep them coming back for more. Win-win.

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Find Your Tribe

There’s mommy fashion bloggers, Over-40 fashion bloggers, college fashionistas–the list goes on. But what these gals all have in common is they know their niche and they’ve found their tribe. When you first start a blog, it’s super tempting to cover a bunch of different topics and share your interests. But as a business blog you need to keep it succinct and relevant, creating content that converts and helps support your goals. 

Rinse and Repeat

Now that you’ve created amazing content, I want you to promote the hell out of it again and again. Yes, that means months down the road or even years later. Successful fashion bloggers do this often, by re-sharing content on a #TBT Throwback Thursday or refreshing old content.

You can do the same by updating old posts and continuing to share your evergreen content. Remember, not everyone sees your posts the day they go live; you may have new readers or people who have missed a post in the past. Learn from successful fashion bloggers and re-share your content.

Successful fashion bloggers do these five things: they take great photos, they diversify their income streams, they know their niche and they recycle their old content. Take a cue from these pros and apply these strategies to your own business blog and watch it grow!

What lessons have you learned from successful fashion bloggers? Leave your insights in the comments below!

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