5 Easy Hacks to Blog Faster Right Now

blog faster with these 5 easy hacks

Blogging is time consuming. There’s just no way around it! And if you’re looking for ways to blog faster, I don’t blame you. Because although it would be ideal to pump out epic post after epic post, I do recommend a backup plan for when life happens, or you’re just feeling business overloaded.

Here are a few ways you can blog faster and fill up that editorial calendar without sacrificing your blog post quality.

How to Blog Faster: 3 Tricks to Fill Your Editorial Calendar

Stick to a Reasonable Blogging Schedule

Yes, new content is great for Google. But if you’re running yourself ragged trying to create a new post every day (and failing to meet your goals) then you’ve overcommited.

It’s better to be consistent with your blog content rather than set unrealistic expectations. If that means you can only produce one amazing blog post per week, then stick to that! Just be honest with yourself about what you can do and then, just stick to it.

This also means creating consistency about the day of the week you are posting. So if you are always posting content on Mondays and Wednesdays, don’t miss those days!

Consistency is the secret sauce to growing an online audience, so create your schedule and then get it done.

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Start an Interview Series

An interview series is wonderful for so many reasons, and it’s a great way to help get some pre-planned content on that editorial calendar of yours!

You’ll be exposing your blog to a new audience (that of your interviewee) and with set questions every week, a series can be easy to plan, helping you blog faster.

A blog series is also something readers can look forward to, which means they’re coming back to your blog again and again.

If you’ve never done an interview series before, consider the following:

  1. Find people in your niche your audience would be genuinely interested in. If you own an online boutique, for example, an interview with one of the designers you carry would be great!
  2. Pre-plan your questions ahead of time: Use Google docs or Typeform to create a questionnaire that can be used again and again for your interviews
  3. Pick the same time each month to post your interviews so readers can look forward to it
  4. Create and re-use a blog post template for the series so you can easily pop in a new photo to be featured and be done.

Open Up Your Blog to Guest Posters

Need help with your blogging but not ready to outsource it yet? Consider opening up your blog to guest posters!

Choose someone in a complementing industry that will be providing value to your audience in a non-spammy way. 

How to Find Guest Posters For Your Blog

  • You can create a widget on your sidebar or a page on your website that lets visitors know you accept guest post submissions.
  • You can also find guest posters in Facebook groups! These are a goldmine when it comes to finding like-minded people to collaborate with.
  • Try paid communities. A few of my favorites are Style Collective and My Haute Society. They’re very inexpensive and great for finding girls to collaborate with.

Keep things streamlined by creating writer’s guidelines and you’ll be adding variety to your blog without loads of extra work.

Make sure to evaluate the other person’s blog and writing samples so you can ensure it’s a mutual fit and that the writing quality matches what you typically deliver.

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Refresh an Old Post

No need to constantly re-invent the wheel. If you’ve got an old past that could use some updating, give it a little TLC!

This post was an older one that I decided to update and add two extra tips to beef it up. I also created new pins, tweaked the headline and added some internal links to other related blog posts.

This is an easy way to blog faster, without a ton of additional effort. And it helps give that older post another change to rise to the ranks.

I will do this for posts I’ve identified aren’t doing as well as I’d hoped, or seasonal posts that could use a refresh.

Create Roundup Posts

Roundups can be fast, helpful and they work! It’s a great way to spread some link love and share some things you love with your readers.

By sharing roundups with your readers, you are curating content readers love and making your blog a one-stop shop of knowledge and resources.

It’s also a great way to monetize your blog with affiliate links.

After you’ve created your roundup, reach out to every person you mentioned in the post and let them know they’ll be featured! Oftentimes, they’ll respond and be happy to share your post as well, which means even more traction for that blog post.

Not sure what to say? Here’s an example you can swipe:

Hi, X!

I wrote a blog post featuring your {fabulous product here} and thought you might like to check it out. Here is the link to the full post in case you are interested (and in case you want to share it, too!). Thanks again for creating such a fabulous {product}.

It’s short, sweet and straight to the point.

I recently created a roundup of printable blog planners readers may like and sent this email out to all of the 14 bloggers I featured. Did everyone respond? No, but a few did and even shared the post, too! While that wasn’t my main goal with the blog post, it was certainly a nice bonus.

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5 easy hacks to blog faster

The secret to blogging faster isn’t to rush, it’s to get creative when creating your editorial calendar. Starting an interview series, doing product roundups, opening up your blog to guest posters, refreshing old posts and setting realist goals are all great ways to blog faster without sacrificing your blog’s editorial quality.

What are your favorite tips and tricks to blog faster?
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  1. This is such a helpful post. I was looking into doing my first roundup post and I just love what you shared. Thank you very much!

  2. This information was extremely helpful. I am launching a new series on my blog which includes interviews. I’m not sure why I didn’t think to create a type form questionnaire, but I am so doing that. Thanks for sharing!

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